Thursday, March 18, 2010

17 Things Reflection

I have enjoyed this experience and can say that I've definitely walked away with a lot of useful information and tools that can be used for both personal use and in the classroom. I have recently felt a bit out of the loop as far as incorporation of technology in my classroom; this 100% met my needs and will help me become more technologically up to date in my classes.

To improve the format, I would tell people ahead of time that they were going to register for multiple sites and tools. I would have liked to have kept a brief pen and paper log of all the sites, a brief explanation, and their login and password for each. I thought I'd exercise my internet safety knowledge and not use the same login and password for each one, but then when I had to go back to a past site for another "Thing," or when I tried to go back to put some things together for a class or personal use, I found myself trying to recall all the different logins I used.

If another of these were offered next year, I would definitely tell colleagues to join. I would have liked to have our spring break to finish some things up and take a bit more time with each one, but there's no way I'd let that stop me from suggesting other colleagues go through it.

17 Things is pumped full of new ideas for both personal and professional use!

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