Thursday, April 7, 2011


Although it was a bit difficult at first, once I got the hang of Diigo, I definitely see myself using it in the future. I couldn't figure out the inline sticky note, but did the highlighting and the floating sticky note and found it very user-friendly. I can see myself using this for my own personal use and for the classroom. I could have really used this in grad school. I do wish you could more easily use database articles with this, but I can still see using it for other articles online.
I was confused with posting to the 17 Things page, but realized I needed to wait to be accepted into the group before I could have access. That might be the story of my life: waiting for acceptance. Huh.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Part 2 Thing 1

I started an account with Tumblr.
I named it "That Tastes Baconish," which I keep laughing at. I did enjoy creating it, but seeing that I'm not important or interesting enough to blog about anything in my personal life, I don't seem myself using it. I do appreciate the ease in which you can post items, but I don't think that's necessary when the only time I use a blog is for my classes. For someone who blogs about interesting things throughout their day, I would DEFINITELY tell them to use this. You can call in a post, email a post, etc. For me, I don't need to post anything other than things for my little kiddies, so the old fashioned computer way is A-Okay for me.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

It's another day!

I tried to post my Shelfari books on this site but didn't have the time before so said I'd try another day. Well...that other day has come, my friends!
I'm very excited that I actually know, somewhat, what I'm doing!

17 Things Reflection

I have enjoyed this experience and can say that I've definitely walked away with a lot of useful information and tools that can be used for both personal use and in the classroom. I have recently felt a bit out of the loop as far as incorporation of technology in my classroom; this 100% met my needs and will help me become more technologically up to date in my classes.

To improve the format, I would tell people ahead of time that they were going to register for multiple sites and tools. I would have liked to have kept a brief pen and paper log of all the sites, a brief explanation, and their login and password for each. I thought I'd exercise my internet safety knowledge and not use the same login and password for each one, but then when I had to go back to a past site for another "Thing," or when I tried to go back to put some things together for a class or personal use, I found myself trying to recall all the different logins I used.

If another of these were offered next year, I would definitely tell colleagues to join. I would have liked to have our spring break to finish some things up and take a bit more time with each one, but there's no way I'd let that stop me from suggesting other colleagues go through it.

17 Things is pumped full of new ideas for both personal and professional use!

Thing 17

The newest obsession I've found is
I'm in charge of our family's finances and I can get a bit obsessive about it. I haven't figured out everything that has to offer, but what I have found I love. You enter in all your information and it logs you in to all the different financial institutions with which you have loans, savings/checking accounts, IRA accounts, 403b, etc. They gather all your information and log your spending. They also give you updates on your spending habits and if you put a budget together, they tell you how close you are to going over those specified amounts each month. It can be programmed to send alerts when your accounts go over or under a certain amount and you can track EVERYTHING! I've used other online systems like this one, and is by far the most comprehensive.

I also looked at (Remember the Milk)
I also enjoyed this one because of my obsessive compulsiveness. And the fact that my husband is a man, which means he doesn't remember anything I ask of him...sorry Kevin.
This allows you to make lists online then be able to access it from your Blackberry, iPhone, Google calendar, or I think you can even make a gadget on a blog that would remind you of the things you have to do. I made my list available on my phone, but I just signed up for it yesterday so my list now is very large. We'll see how long I keep going with updating it!

The last site I looked at was It's an online store of sorts that is stricly hand-made/artist/made items for you to purchase. You can search by product type, by artist, etc. There are a lot of cool and unique gift ideas and although some are prices as you would think when it's a handmade item, there's still a lot that's reasonable. Each artist gives a little bio and stipulates their own rules for purchase, shipping and returns. It seems like a great place to find gifts for yourself or others while you're supporting individuals instead of Walmart! And now I'm spending way too much time searching for goodies for myself!

Thing 16: Screen Toaster

I can see the use of this in class because although I have a projector and can do it live for my students, it would be nice to post online for parents or students who are absent. OR...for students who don't pay attention the first time. Or maybe that's just a problem I'm having.
I did a demo of how to transfer files from folder to folder because my students ask about that often.