Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Thing 5

I've created a Twitter account, no matter how much it hurt. My Twitter name is KirstinBacon.
I felt like I needed to be at least 15 years younger, or be somehow famous to be "tweeting." I looked through some options of people/organizations to follow and actually found some things I might like to keep up on. I am following NPR, The Onion, Yoko Ono, Room to Read, Questlove, Bob Vila (yes...Bob Vila), Depeche Mode, and, probably the most influential, MC Hammer.
I "retweeted" but I'm not exactly sure what that does since I have no followers. We'll see.

Thing 4

I really like Google Documents. I have two computers at home and obviously my work computer. There are many times where I'm logging into different computers not remembering where I saved something. I also need documents at home that are saved at school and the opposite. Thumb drives, jump drives, travel drives, whatever you want to call them have failed me on too many occasions. Google Docs will have a new space in my heart.